When is Insult Your Boss Day?

Insult Your Boss Day 2010 will be celebrated on Wednesday, July 28.

I have never heard of this holiday. Is it new?

2008 marked the first official year of Insult Your Boss Day, but the action itself has a long and illustrious history. Read more about the history of boss insults.

Who is Lady Snark and why is she the chairperson of this event?

Arabella Bainbridge St. Germaine Wang Montague Fishtweed, Right Honourable Countess of Snark, has not actually held a paying job since her days as an artist’s model in Paris in the late 1960s. However, as the authoress of The Perfect Insult for Every Occasion, Lady Snark is widely held to be one of the world’s foremost experts on insults. You can learn more about Lady Snark by clicking here.

Who should participate?

Everyone except for bosses. If you’re self-employed, use a mirror.

Won’t I get fired?

Probably, but would that really be so bad?

How can I avoid getting fired?

You could insult your boss anonymously, but if you work at it, you can turn getting fired into a profit-making in enterprise, as explained in the Countdown Calendar.

I’m a little nervous to insult my boss in person. Are there other ways I can insult my boss?

Yes. See an illustrated guide here.

Wouldn’t it be easier to just kill my boss?

You should consider the consequences of such an action. However, if you prefer this alternative, see Lady Snark’s advice here.

Are there any special events happening?

Yes. At 3:00 pm (Eastern Standard Time) on Insult Your Boss Day, all workers should insult their bosses simultaneously, followed by a communal drink at the nearest bar. You might want to make sure your coworkers are planning to do this before you commit to it. Like senior skip day in high school, it only works if everyone participates.