Lady Arabella Snark
Lady Arabella Snark, Honorary Chair of IYBD 2009

Workers of the world, unite!

On July 28, join forces with your brethren against a common enemy. Satanic supervisors, mean managers, slimy CEOs: They all deserve to be on the receiving end of a swift kick in the butt. And now, Insult Your Boss Day (IYBD) provides the opportunity to do just that.

Insult Your Boss Day 2010 will take place on Wednesday, July 28!

In light of recent economic events, IYBD has been expanded this year to include bitter ex-employees! Get Lady Snark's Top Tips on how Insult Your Former Boss Day can help reduce the stress of job hunting.

  • Need help with ideas? Visit the How To page for tips on what to say and how to say it.
  • Curious about the history of this event? Click here to see examples of boss insults through the millennia.
  • Does murder sound more appealing? Check out Lady Snark's advice on violence here.

So go ahead and stick it to the man! You know you want to.